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Contract Commercial Manager with Dutch

IBM International Services Centre s.r.o., Bratislava

Ponuka práce

Dátum pridania: 18.2.2021


Contract Commercial Manager responsibility is to manage the execution of the Program Management System in order to deliver commercial requirements and business objectives for the assigned accounts. Business objectives include financial, customer satisfaction, audit readiness, business controls posture and adherence to standard processes and global tools.

Contract Commercial Manager is acting as a Project Executive deputy and must show leadership skills to orchestrate different functions supporting the Account.

Contract Commercial Manager is a proven commercial leader with extensive experience of handling a variety of contractual situations.

As a Contract Commercial Manager, you will partner with Project Executive and Delivery Project Executive, delivering cost savings and improved L) and balance sheet for your key customers based on the contract life-cycle

• Ensure smooth execution and management of monthly closing activities

• Complete accountability for working capital visibility including dispute resolution, claiming, DSO and cash collection

• Provide guidance on significant business proposals

• Lead complex contract analysis (including implementation of strategic initiatives), evaluate findings and make recommendations about the financial implications of proposed investments

• Analyze critical situations and implement plans in collaboration with the Account executive team to increase customer satisfaction

• Undertake planning and forecasting to support strategic decisions (short / long term)

• Manage contract changes (review and draft the updates)

• Identify / manage risks and issues

• Audit management; responsible for proactive reviews, documentation and approvals for the contract


• Manage the account team, internal and external stakeholders

• Coordinate other departments and center functions involved in account operations

• Ensure that personal development and performance management routines are applied

• Lead innovation in order to ensure required levels of efficiency and automation

• Change-leadership skills to be applied in adhering to clients' needs and requirements


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