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Content Creator - Product Marketing Manager

IBM, Bratislava

Ponuka práce

Dátum pridania: 7.3.2024


A Content Creator Product Marketing Manager is responsible for creating compelling domain-specific and product-level content through all parts of the buyer journey. The position is responsible for understanding the markets, competition, buyers, and pain points to craft product-level content. You will have a constant pulse on the Data Security market to deliver timely and relevant content that is an integral part of the Data Security GTM plan.

You will work under the direction of the product marketing managers and simultaneously will be expected to independently collaborate across multiple disciplines – product management, sales enablement, business partners, and direct sales to build successful product-level content.

What you will do:

Content Strategy, Creation & Distribution

Originate and execute a comprehensive content strategy aligned with the business goals and data security personas.

Create engaging and informative written, visual, and multimedia content, including articles, blog posts, white papers, client leave-behinds, sales collateral, infographics, videos, and social media updates. Coordinate with cross-functional team to leverage written content into other visual and multi-media formats.

Identify proper channels, objectives, and consumers to distribute the content. Measure the effectiveness of content within the channels and determine areas of improvement.

Drive SEO Optimization with technology-relevant content

Optimize content for search engine visibility, ensuring high organic reach and relevance by conducting keyword research, on-page SEO, and other relevant techniques.

Align to the business needs to understand content gaps in the buyer journey, preferred formats, and delivery mechanisms. Translate complex technical concepts into accessible and easily digestible content for diverse audiences, including users, buyers, and influencers of data security solutions.

Collaboration, Coordination & Measurement:

Coordinate with subject matter experts and stakeholders to gather information and insights to enhance the depth and accuracy of content.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including demand, digital, and product development, to align content with brand messaging and product releases. Constantly analyze existing content in the market to measure effectiveness and quickly pivot as needed.

Required Experience:

- Excellent writing skills for long-form and short-form content.

- 2-5 year’s experience in B2B marketing, sales, or content

- Technology background with a foundational understanding of cloud-related concepts and security.

- Strong collaboration skills to work across different functions of the business.

Preferred Experience:

- Strong analytical skills, and experience performing market and competitive research

- Experience working in a highly matrixed global organization a plus

This is a Hybrid role, attendance to the office will be required only 3 times per week


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