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Finance (treasury) and office management in 1 role (Ref. č.: 1-1-38294)

Grafton Slovakia s.r.o., Bratislava

Ponuka práce

Dátum pridania: 16.11.2021


We are looking for a candidate who will become a sort of Head of Administration for a large Spanish construction company. It is a very complex and diverse role, and the job description involves:

- Active participation in approval flow of accounting documents

- Verification if financial requirements of the contracts are met by the suppliers

- Elaboration of weekly payments list

- Cooperation with financial and administration team in headquarters in Poland

- Preparing documents/accurate information to external accountant office, tax advisor.

- Collaborating with bank, offices such as tax office or social security office

- Preparing financial settlements between members of consortiu

- Managing the business travels

- Collaborating with Managers for resolving day to day issues related with the functioning of various departments within corporate office and all branch offices

- Cooperation with external providers to guarantee the smoothness of office work (post office, couriers, phone providers, internet providers)

- Managing a company’s fleet of vehicles and other company work tools

- Management of new employees incorporation to company’s structure such us: coordination of contract with new employees, h&S training, medical training, employees absences registration (sickness, holidays)

- Cooperation with HR Director on all subjects related with employees

- Work as a liaison between Employer and external providers of accounting and payroll aspects


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