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Engineers and Scientists – Career as a European Patent Examiner

European Patent Office, The Hague/Munich, 80331, Germany

Ponuka práce

Dátum pridania: 5.2.2019


Are you an engineer or a scientist interested in joining an international team of highly qualified staff? Do you want to see the latest inventions?
Then this professional opportunity is the right one for you!

We are currently seeking engineers and scientists, with a Master's degree in engineering, physics, chemistry or natural sciences, to work as European Patent Examiners in the area of the following technical fields:

The Hague and Munich
- Polymer Chemistry
- Medical Technology
- Handling & Processing
- Measuring & Optics
- Consumer Technology
- Civil Engineering and Thermodynamics
- Vehicles and General Technology
- Electrical and Electronic Technology
- Information & Communications Technology
- Technical Chemistry
- Galenics
- Biopharma and Medical Use
- Audio Video Media and Signal Processing

Your main responsibilities
- Carrying out patent examination from the search to the post-grant stage, and solving complex technical and legal problems in the process
- Taking a broad perspective to identify solutions whilst ensuring the uniform and effective application of the EPC (European Patent Convention) and other legal texts
- Creating and maintaining classification systems to ensure efficient and effective searching

We expect you to be able to:
- analyse technical and subject-specific information
- retrieve technical information from databases and other sources
- analyse and compare technical matter according to the legal provisions applicable
- make decisions following the assessment of complex technical information, the application of legal requirements and the examination of parties' arguments
- write clear and well-reasoned communications
- interact with colleagues and applicants to process patent applications efficiently


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Miesto práce

The Hague/Munich, 80331, Germany


Veda a výskum, Chemický priemysel, Právo a legislatíva


Chemický inžinier, IT architekt, Právnik, Výskumný a vedecký pracovník, Fyzik, Chemik, Biológ


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