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Business Development Customs Slovakia (Ref. č.: 6-21-37135/PF)

Grafton Slovakia s.r.o., Žilina

Ponuka práce

Dátum pridania: 20.9.2021


- Lead/maintain/adapt structure of customs department in cooperation with Head of Customs BTS
- Represent company towards customers and maintain cooperation towards customs offices
- To actively communicate with customs authorities in SR to gain actual legal changes and duties, connected with executing service of customs clearance – in cooperation with Head of Customs BTS
- Support and build up customs knowledge in branches
- Responsible for profitability of customs department
- Monthly reporting, leading of department according economic principles
- Customs service for all departments and external clients
- Fullfilling next duties on the base of order of superior
- Staff developmnet plan
- Set activities to increase business – gain additional business – raise profitability
- Acta s PM Customs for whole Slovakia
- Responsible for AEO activities (Authorized exporter)
- Proactive approach towards management in regard of riskmanagement – what to do of how to reduce risk
- Work on improvement of crossdepartment cooperation with other departments
- Developing the framework department development strategy in cooperation with Head of Land and A&O
- Selecting/defining potential TOP accounts, to be contacted with aim to gain or extend the new/add. business in line with dept. budget
- Performing of the regular market analysis and determine rate tariffs for related accounts or services in scope
- Support and participation in the negotiations with new clients in selected projects, in coordination with sales


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